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K2-2915-3898 5.7 / LS1 / LS6 Stroker LS K2-FX Series -29cc LS Dish Top Piston Set. 3.898 bore

K2-2915-3898  5.7 / LS1 / LS6 Stroker LS K2-FX Series -29cc LS Dish Top Piston Set. 3.898 bore


Free ring upgrade details: For a limited time,when you purchase a FX series piston and ring kit (K Kit) from this page. You will recieve a Free upgrade to DSS Racing XP rings. The XP series ring features Gas nitriaded steel top rings. Napier second ring and a flex vent oil ring. This ring set normally sells for $299.95. The Free upgrade is a $149.95 value!

PRICE: $829.95

Product Code: K2-2915-3898

3.898" bore
3.903" bore
3.913 bore
Custom Bore Size Option. Specify desired Bore size in the note section of shopping cart. [Add $80.00]

No Optional Coating
Apply 3 Step Ceramic Thermal Barrier to the Piston Crown and Friction Reducing Coating to Skirt's [Add $550.00]

Full Floating or Press fit rods?:
.943 pin size. For use with OEM full floating bushed connecting rods.
.945 Pin Diameter. For use with OEM press fit rods.
Ring Upgrade Options

DSS Racing Ductlle moly Rings
DSS Racing Ductlle moly File to fit Rings
XP Ring upgrade ( Extreme power ) [Add $160.00]

Description Video
5.7 / LS1 / LS6 Stroker LS K2-FX 2618 Alloy With Rings  Comp Hgt: 1.140"  -29cc LS Dish Top Pin: .943  Ring Grooves: 1.2/1.2/3MM  Stroke: 4.000"  Rod: 6.098" Boost and NOS Ready! (Moderate to High Levels)   Aprox Comp Ratio: 64cc-8.76, 66cc-8.61, 72cc-8.19
  • Strong, Heat Resistant 2618 Alloy
  • Proprietary "DMAX" Multi Stage Forging Process, Produces' a Superior Forging
  • Patented "X Groove" Skirt for Superior Cylinder & Ring Performance & Durability
  • Advanced Ring Lands Featuring a Combination of Accumulators and Drilling Ops.
  • 6 additional areas of CNC milling for weight reduction in non critical areas.
  • Thinner Ring Grooves Maximize Critical Ring Land Strength
  • Larger CNC Machined Valve Reliefs for More Aggressive Head & Cam Combinations
  • DSS Heavy Duty 8720 Bearing Steel Piston Pins
  • Precision Diamond-Turned Skirts
  • Double True Arc Pin Locks, Provide Redundancy
  • Drilled Forced Wrist Pin Oiling
  • Drilled Bottom Ring Land Intersecting Oil Drain Backs
  • Advanced Profile Precision Diamond-Turned Skirts
  • Forged and Machined in Saint Charles Illinois USA!
  • Boost and NOS Ready! (Moderate to High Levels)