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K1-6013-4125 481 Stroker Olds. K1-FX Series -19cc Olds Dish Top Piston Set. 4.125 bore

K1-6013-4125  481 Stroker Olds. K1-FX Series -19cc Olds Dish Top Piston Set. 4.125 bore

PRICE: $799.95

Product Code: K1-6013-4125

4.125" bore
4.130" Bore
4.155" bore
4.165" Bore
4.185" bore
Custom Bore Size Option. Specify desired Bore size in the note section of shopping cart. [Add $80.00]

High Strength Steel wrist
Upgrade to XP Extreme Duty Wrist Pins, Recommended for Engines over 1000 HP. [Add $295.00]

No Optional Coating
Apply 3 Step Ceramic Thermal Barrier to the Piston Crown and Friction Reducing Coating to Skirt's [Add $550.00]
Ring Upgrade Options

DSS Racing Ductlle moly Rings
DSS Racing Ductlle moly File to fit Rings
XP Ring upgrade ( Extreme power ) [Add $160.00]

Description Video
481 Stroker Olds. K1-FX 4032 Alloy With Rings  Comp Hgt: 1.260"  -19cc Olds Dish Top Pin: .990  Ring Grooves: 1/16-1/16-3/16"  Stroke: 4.500" Rod: 7.100" Boost and NOS Ready! (Moderate to High Levels)   Aprox Comp Ratio: 72cc-10.88, 75cc-10.59, 77cc-10.41
  • Strong, Endurance Minded, Wear Resistant, Low Maintenance, 4032 Alloy
  • Proprietary "DMAX" Multi Stage Forging Process, Produces' a Superior Forging
  • Patented "X Groove" Skirt for Superior Cylinder & Ring Performance & Durability
  • Advanced Ring Lands Featuring a Combination of Accumulators and Drilling Ops.
  • 6 additional areas of CNC milling for weight reduction in non critical areas.
  • Thinner Ring Grooves Maximize Critical Ring Land Strength
  • Larger CNC Machined Valve Reliefs for More Aggressive Head & Cam Combinations
  • DSS Heavy Duty 8720 Bearing Steel Piston Pins
  • Precision Diamond-Turned Skirts
  • Double True Arc Pin Locks, Provide Redundancy
  • Drilled Forced Wrist Pin Oiling
  • Drilled Bottom Ring Land Intersecting Oil Drain Backs
  • Advanced Profile Precision Diamond-Turned Skirts
  • Forged and Machined in Saint Charles Illinois USA!
  • Boost and NOS Ready! (Moderate to High Levels)