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PRICE: $2,015.97

Product Code: M-6010-B302BB

Block Machining Options

Full CNC race preperation of a 4 bolt aftermarket block. [Add $950.00]Includes Deck equalization Squared off of main centerline, CNC stroker clearancing align honing of the mains, boring and multi stage torque plate honing of the cylinders, finishing of the lifter bores, installation of premium one piece cam bearings, deck dowels, trans dowels, an oil filter adapter and is painted VHT High Temp gloss black. Contact a sales rep for your bore requirements and other options.

Ford Racing Big Bore Boss 302 cylinder block
  • The legend is reborn with this all new 302 block! Stronger than the original!
  • 4.125" bore capacity, finished to a rough bore of 4.115"
  • 8.2" deck height, finished at 8.200" plus .010" to .015"
  • Maximum recommended stroke 3.400"
  • Splayed 4-bolt main on 2, 3, 4, main caps
  • 2-bolt main on 1 and 5 main caps
  • Main bearing bores finished to low limit
  • Finished lifter bores
  • Machined to accept factory roller lifter guides and lifter guide retainer
  • Fits factory Mustang oil pan with oil pickup tube M-6622-BOSS302. Stroker applications may require custom pickup tube
  • Revised oiling and cooling system passageways
  • Siamese bore
  • Increased bulkhead material
  • Threaded core and galley plugs (straight thread port plugs with O-ring)
  • ˝" head bolts (special length required)
  • Uses common OD cam bearings
  • Unique cam plug M-6026-S351 included
  • M-6051-R351 head gasket recommended
  • Weighs approximately 175 lbs.
  • Great price and value
  • The foundation for 8.2" deck projects requiring a 4.125" finished bore

Recommended Accesories
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D.S.S. Main Support System shown installed with the Pro Tray windage tray