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RA5.3X5 Big Bore Stroker Modular Ford X5 Forged Rotating Assembly

Balanced Rotating Assembly

PRICE: $2,800.00
SALE PRICE: $2,495.00
You save $305.00!

Product Code: RA5.3X5

Choose your cylinder bore size

3.700" bore
Modular Stroker Piston Choices

Stroker piston Configuration*:
Have D.S.S. contact me and consult on compression ratio options.
D.S.S. Racing will contact you by phone or E mail and consult with you about compression ratio for your exact combination. This service is offered free of charge to assure the success of your engine build.
-6cc Dish, 2V SOHC
-13cc Dish, 2V SOHC
-21cc Dish, 2V SOHC
-6cc Dish, Twisted Wedge 2V SOHC
-13cc Dish, Twisted Wedge 2V SOHC
-21cc Dish, Twisted Wedge 2V SOHC
-8cc Dish, 3V SOHC
-16cc Dish, 3V SOHC
-25cc Dish, 3V SOHC
-7cc Dish, 4V DOHC
-15cc Dish, 4V DOHC
-24cc Dish, 4V DOHC
Custom dish volume. [Add $180.00]
Piston Skirt Options

FREE X Groove Skirt Option
Piston Coating Option [Add $550.00]Diamond turned skirts are treated with a 2 step process featuring a Ceramic Thermal barrier coating applied to the top and low friction coated skirt.
Mod block type

Main Bearings to fit:*:
Ring Choices

Total Seal Classic Ductile Moly file fit ring set [Add $30.00]
Total Seal AP Steel Top ring Extreme Duty ring set [Add $279.95]These are top of the line in big boosted, big NOS street/strip cars. Very resistant to heat and on or off the street or the track.
Balancing Option

Computer Balance 5.0 modular Rotating Assembly to Racing Tolerances and Micro Polish the crankshaft. [Add $400.00]

Description Compression Ratio Chart
4.6/5.3 Stroker Modular Ford X5 Rotating Assembly. Includes Forged 3.75" stroke Forged Stroker crank (8 bolt), Forged H-beam rods With upgraded ARP 2000 bolts, Forged DSS GSX Big Bore Series pistons with X groove, Moly rings, and Tri-metal bearings. This kit is capable of over 1000HP! NOTE: 3.7 Big bore pistons will only work with aftermarket Boss Mod Block or big bore sleeves. This kit will not work in a production 4.6 block with out resleeving.

X7 Kits feature GSX Forged flycut pistons with the X Groove skirt! Twisted Wedge
2V shown.

Common Ford cylinder head combustion chamber sizes
Caution:This is only a guide. You should always confirm your actual combustion chamber volume.
2 valve PI 44 cc ( OEM 1999 and newer)
2 valve NPI 51 cc (OEM 1992 to 1998 )
2 valve PI D.S.S. match port 44 cc (1999 and newer)
2 valve PI D.S.S. Full CNC Port 50cc (1999 and newer)
3 valve Ford Racing CNC

Recommended Accesories
CAST IRON 5.0L MODULAR BLOCK 4.6/5.4 Modular Ford Main Support System
PRICE: $1,850.00

PRICE: $379.95

D.S.S. Main Support System shown installed